What We Can Do

The clinic provides non-urgent medical care to individuals with low incomes and no health insurance (including private health insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare). Patients are seen on a first-come, first served bases. (The number of patients that can be seen depends on the number doctors volunteering for the evening.)

Basic Medical Care

MOCS offers basic (non-emergency) medical care, such as family medicine, help with diabetes, ENT, medicine (when available.)

Prescription Drugs

We help patients access prescription assistance offerings, available from pharmaceutical companies and other sources.

Medical Referals

We make referrals to specialists with the help of a third party, and offer referrals for assistance outside of medical care.

The clinic is unable to provide pediatric care, prenatal care, female reproductive issues, pain management or treatment of mental health disorders.  Every effort is made to find help for our patients for conditions that cannot be treated by our clinic doctors.