Medical Outreach Clinic (MOCS) Closing

– After many months of efforts, long discussions, much prayer and deliberation, the board of  directors for the MOCS clinic voted on Wednesday evening March 28th to close the clinic to formal operations on June 1st 2018.  The clinic back office operations will continue indefinitely to reply to record requests, etc. and to assist patients with finding a new medical home.

The decision was based upon several factors and was a difficult one.  It was based upon the lack of volunteer health care providers and the subsequent reductions in patient census /participation. Funding was also going to become an issue in the coming year as we have lost or will loose significant sources of income.
It was a decision that was not taken lightly by the board and was long in the making.
See article in Summerville Journal Scene  – Summerville Journal Scene March 29th – Clinic Closing
We will continue to assist patients with followup appointments that we have on the books, which we will be able to conclude as of the end of May.  We not be able to accept any walk in patients or new patients in April or May.
Any request for records or other information can be made by email to or by calling 843-771-1123, or by fax 843-771-125
Marty Thomas, Clinic Manager MOCS