Our Mission

The mission of Medical Outreach Clinic of Summerville, Inc. (MOCS) is to provide free, basic, non-emergency care with compassion and respect, while enhancing the independence, dignity and health of those most in need in our community.

What We Do

The Medical Outreach Clinic of Summerville, Inc. is a non-profit corporation established to provide basic medical care for persons who are uninsured and living at or below 200% of the federally declared poverty level. Through community awareness and community involvement, the Medical Outreach Clinic also provides information and serves as a referral service for those in need.

Allocations at a Glance

Because we are a small community clinic, there are limitations as to the scope of the services that are available to our patients. However, we are proud of what we’re able to do for most of our patients as charted here.

Basic Family Medicine
Prescription Assistance
Medical Referals
Diabetes Treatment